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    Banchetto; A midnight galore of food.

    Are you an Insomniac? Do you like Street Food or just certain food that you miss eating like, a deep dish pizza, dimsum or empanada?

    Well, Banchetto is the place for you!

    I’ve been bored the whole day yesterday, since my parents left me at home and being the spoiled brat that I am, I flooded them with text messages asking them if we can go to Banchetto at Robinson’s Forum. Being an OFW that they are, they haven’t had experienced the joy of eating at Banchetto in the middle of the night. First, they disagreed going there because it is too far away from our house, then, I told them all the variety of food they can taste there. And they agreed.

    It was my mom’s first time to go there, she said she had been hearing a lot of stuff about it from her friends and our other relatives, so she asked me to take a picture of her.

    I ordered Ilocos empanada, since I havent had tried it before yet. it was freshly made in front of you, I had the Special Empanada, which has egg, papaya, monggo, Ilocos Longganisa. It was a real delight to eat it.

    My sister had five sticks of isaw which costed around 25 pesos per stick, since it’s bigger than the usual isaw and I bet a whole lot cleaner too.

    Dad had lugaw(porridge), since he was drunk and wanted to sober up.

    By around 2am, we all had our bellies filled with good food. But i wasn’t satisfied just yet, I wanted to bring home some baked goodies. My mom and I are big pastry fans, so we took home 3 kinds of cakes.

    You can find them at:

    BANCHETTO SHOPWISE Located at the OPEN PARKING AREA  of SHOPWISE LIBIS, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue Quezon City, Philippines

    BANCHETTO FORUM Located at the back of Cybergate Plaza and Tower 1  Delivery Bay area of FORUM Robinson’s Pioneer Street corner EDSA, Barangka Ilaya, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

    BANCHETTO MERALCO AVENUE Located along MERALCO AVENUE, (between Renaissance Towers  and the Department of Education building) Pasig City, Philippines.

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