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    The K-Food World Festival: Preliminary Competition in New York

    • Date: July 21st 2013, Sunday
    • Time: 5 pm
    • Venue: The International Culinary Center (founded as the French Culinary Institute)

    The Korean Culture Service New York in congruence with the Consulate General of Korea in New York, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea (MOFA) and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), present the K-Food World Festival! This competition is an opportunity for those of non-Korean ethnic background who appreciate Korean cuisine and have a passion for cooking with a creative flair to demonstrate their culinary prowess! Though Korean cuisine is deeply embedded in tradition and boasts vibrant, strong flavors, it is still highly adaptable and chefs around the world have experimented with it and incorporate its flavors and techniques into their own dishes.

    Contestants will first submit an application including an introduction video describing his/her background and passion for Korean food by July 12th. If selected, the contestant will compete in the Preliminary Competition in New York City, held on July 21 at the International Culinary Center in Manhattan. In this round, competitors must choose, cook, and present 1 Korean dish out of the 4 given base options—bibimbab, tteokbokki, bulgogi, and kimchi (freestyle)—and we highly welcome the contestant’s own personal touch to their signature dish! The preliminaries will be filmed by MBC.

    The selected winner of the New York competition will receive:

    • Roundtrip airfare to Korea
    • Korean food tasting trip for 6 days (accommodation included) 
    • The winner of this New York competition will have a chance to compete in Korea for a chance to win a grand prize of US $10,000!

    Application Process: 

    Applicants are required to fill out the provided application form and MUST send a video introduction of themselves. The applications can be submitted to tourism@koreanculture.org or in person to the Korean Cultural Service NY at 460 Park Avenue, 6th Floor, New York. NY 10022.

    Shortlisted candidates will be confirmed and contacted by July 15th to participate in the contest. Candidates will be issued with comprehensive instructions detailing the contest activities, including the complete list of provided ingredients.

    Korean Food Cooking Competition in New York (July 21st, 2013)

    We are pleased to welcome the final shortlisted candidates to the preliminary competition. It means you are a step closer to becoming the winner who will be representing the United States! Each contestant’s signature dish will be evaluated by a panel of renowned judges. The winner of the contest will be announced on the same day. The winner will be automatically eligible and must enter the grand final in Korea in August 12th to 17th, 2013 along with each of the winners from the other participating countries.

    The winner, selected by a panel of expert judges on the day of the competition, will join the representative winners from the other participating countries in Korea from August 12th to the 17th for a six-day culinary trip and the opportunity to compete in the Final Round on August 16th for the chance to win a grand prize of US $10,000. During the trip, contestants will get to experience Korean culture firsthand and meet with celebrated culinary mentors such as Soo-jin Kim, the director of Food and Culture Academy, Edward Kwon, a celebrity chef, and Jae-eun Park, renowned food stylist.

     Please visit the event page on www.facebook.com/KFoodWorldFestival for more information and updates! Inquiries can be made through the Facebook page or email (tourism@koreanculture.org).

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