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  • paresatbp published a photo post 2 months ago

    Pasalubong mula sa Norte: Marsha’s Delicacies.

    Royal bibingka, it was the first time I heard the term when I was in Ilocos Sur when our tour guide was talking about the delicious delicacies that we could taste in Vigan and he was really excited about the Royal Bibingka and the Lomi from Marsha’s.

    And before taking the journey back to the Capital we stopped by Marsha’s Delicacy it’s a few meters away from Vigan town proper. When we got there, we have managed to meet the owner herself who then offered us her specialties which was a lot and we were still full from our late dinner. When she brought out a tray of bowls filled with lomi I told my friend that I would only eat half and we should just share but as I took a sip of those warm soup and a spoonful of noodles, I was absolutely hooked! Addicted! Can’t stop eating, and to my surprise I managed to finish the whole bowl. Their Lomi is definitely a must try!

    Then we had their royal bibingka which at first I thought was just like the regular bibingka we see sold during Christmas season but it was definitely different. It looked like a cassava cake, it definitely has the consistency only a bit more softer and chewier but the flavor was really different. More milky and more sweeter. I loved it, too!

    Marsha’s also has a variety of dessert and meals that you could order. You should definitely definitely bring your family or friends before heading back to Manila. Im sure you’ll love their offerings. People there are very friendly, too! 

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  • paresatbp published a photo post 3 months ago
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  • paresatbp published a photo post 3 months ago

    COMMUNE (cafe+bar). A little piece of heaven tucked in the middle of Makati but with a little “imbyerna” on the side.

    "Soooo cute!" That’s definitely my first reaction when I saw this cute picture of a latte art coffee posted on Facebook. It was my last week here in the Philippines when one of my closest blogger friend asked me to meet her for lunch since I’m leaving the country for a long time and all and, she recommended that we have brunch at Commune and I instantly agreed upon seeing all the pretty stuff in there. And there we were on a Monday morning as soon as I got inside the Coffee shop I saw a troubled look at my friends face and knowing her I know that something’s up and since I was late I apologized to her assuming that sour face was because of me. But then she told me about her experience earlier there at Commune. She waited for 54 minutes for her cup of coffee! I thought it was crazy but she was really mad about it and who wouldn’t be? Coffee should be served fast! and on a Monday morning! Thank goodness she didn’t flip every table on that place. (Kidding!)

    Anyway, the owner was really apologetic about what happened and she even paid for our bill after insisting that we could pay for our own meals. 

    I actually went back two days after we went and I got my cup of Hot Choco after an Hour. THEIR SERVICE REALLY SUCKED! And the barista and other crew were giving fucked up lame excuses! “We’re a bit busy” “There were a lot of customer” and lot more crap. The Bill even took 30 fucking minutes to arrive at our table. AND IT HAPPENED TWICE! They should’ve learned from their mistakes the first time. Ugh… ruined my day.

    Aside from having your drinks late there are a lot of stuff that you could adore from Commune. Like, their cozy vintage chairs and the very very cozy interior. Very welcoming and not too posh or “pang-mayaman” though a lot of people that comes in are from Legazpi and Salcedo Village *ehem* RKs. And their coffee is sourced from local farmers and vendors. 

    Their food looks, feels and taste organic in which you get your money’s worth. Recommending their Apple pie a la mode and their Beef Tapa

    Their Tapa was tender and flavorful, best enjoyed with a cup of thick hot Choco.

    I really enjoyed my stay at Commune, it’s just that their service really sucks. 

    Look how cute their 3D lattes are! 

    Commune is at: Liberty Plaza, 102 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City

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  • paresatbp published a photo post 3 months ago


    Filipinos have now adapted and appreciates the Japanese import, the Ramen. And one of the best Ramen store in Manila have adapted to the Filipino Market and the fast paced businessmen of Makati CBD so they are now offering the Lunch Set Menu available during 11AM till 5PM.

    For me, it is a very affordable and quick way to enjoy lunch. Usually Ramen Stores would serve their Ramen in a very huge bowl which we sometimes can’t finish because we’re rushing or it’s already too heavy. In Santouka, they offer their Ramens in Sets. A small bowl of Ramen of your choice which you could upgrade to a regular bowl or an even larger bowl. You get to Choose your own Side Dish as well.

    Sample Sets:

    Karaage Set A: Choice of Inari or Onigiri +Karaage+ Shio Ramen

    Ebi Furai Set B: Choice of Inari or Onigiri + Ebi Furai + Kara-Miso Ramen (You can choose any other ramen you want aside from this)

    Mix Furai Set C Choice of Inari or Onigiri + Mix Furai + Shio Ramen

    Gyoza Set D Choice of Inari or Onigiri + Gyoza + Shoyu Ramen

    And you also get to have a free scoop of Ice Cream or Purin for every set ordered :)

    Every set is just under 400 pesos, really affordable compared to other Ramen stores I’ve been to, but they didn’t spare the quality of their food for the lowered price.

    HOKKAIDO RAMEN SANTOUKA also added something new on the Menu in which these new items are only available here in the Philippines. Made during the lenten season where everyone wanted to eat Fish and avoiding pork.

    So, they came up with three healthy alternatives, namely:

    Yasai Hiyashi Ramen, for me it’s like their take on Thai Salad mixed in with Japanese ramen noodles. Most of the people I was with really enjoyed this meal. It was light yet filling.

    Kaisen yasai Hiyashi Ramen. Just like the first one but only with Shrimp and salmon eggs.

    Hokkaido Tsukamen. Instead of the usual tonkatsu broth mixed with the noodles, this one had the noodles on a seperate plate and you would have to mix it in with the fish broth. Kinda tricky to eat because the noodles tend to stick to each other ad it’s hard to cut. But flavorwise, it’s subtle and light. Really perfect for those people avoiding the extra calories.


    Address: G4-132 Ground Floor, Glorietta Mall, Ayala Center Makati 

    (Near Outback, beside Mercury Drug in front of SM Makati)

    Telephone: +632 728-1381 

    Facebook: Ramen Santouka Philippines

    Website: http://www.santouka.co.jp/

    Operating Hours: Open Daily, 11.00am to 11.00pm 

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  • paresatbp published a photo post 3 months ago

    Simple Techniques on taking good food photos.

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  • paresatbp published a photo post 3 months ago

    Salamat #MarshasDelicacies sa massrap na merienda!! #food #vsco #vscoph #vscocam #vscophile #vscofood #travel #roadtriptovigan #metroviganinn (at Marsha’s Delicacies)

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